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Rahel Appreciation Post

As you probably know, I like dolls. Lots of dolls. I have Monster High all over my room and American Girl dolls also prominently featured in said room. I've also recently become interested in Hearts for Hearts (if you haven't heard of it, it's probably because these dolls don't seem to have any fandom whatsoever, whereas MH and AG fandoms are pants-on-head scary). In the interest of space in my house, however, I resolved not to try to collect all of them, and maybe just get one...? (The ? is there because I just wanted a single historical, just wanted one or two Basics, and look what happened both times.)

So, naturally, I went to the website and read the diaries to see who I liked the best.

Rahel won by a landslide. Why?

Rahel is freaking hardcore.

You think I'm joking. I assure you, I am not.

First of all, she has a camel. Do you have a camel? You probably don't. Now, if you do have a camel by any chance, you may be asking, "so what?" So the fact that she has a camel and rides it is cool, but that's not what makes her hardcore.

How about the fact that she runs into bandits?

Just minding her own business and they're all "rargh we're gonna steal this supply truck so your village can't get its meds and food unless you go to us on the black market" and she and her family are all "no u".

She gets shot at and just keeps running.

Oh, also, she wants to be a doctor.

This isn't one of those "I wanna be a doctor because it looks so fun and friendly and you make a lot of money, right?" Pediatrician Barbie girls, either.

This is Rahel.

Rahel carries iodine and needles in her backpack.

For emergencies.

What is she, ten? Would you have been trusted with those when you were ten? No. They would have been on high shelves with childproof caps. Rahel, on the other hand, keeps this stuff on her person at all times just in case.

Remember the story about the bandits? Yeah, her neighbour sliced his leg open while their party ran to get the stuff to safety after chasing the bandits off. What does she do? She diagnoses what he needs, convinces the adults to stop running long enough to rest, AND GIVES THE GUY STITCHES HERSELF.

Well, nobody else was going to do it.

Who needs adult supervision when you have this kid? Her doll should come with the first aid kit. I don't know why it doesn't.

She needs a doll-sized camel, too.

Another thing: she plays soccer. I used to play soccer. She's the best player in school, though, and I was the team's dead weight. Point for Rahel.

She drinks coffee. What kid does that? I can't even do that and I'm twenty-three.

Her dad and brothers take her on a supply run in the middle of a thunderstorm. It takes forever. Biology says that kids have to use the washroom more than adults and girls more than guys because of how long their bodies can hold it, yet she's the only one in the party who at no point during the journey has to go pee on the side of the road. Rahel defies science.

Nobody sugarcoats things for her. If people are dropping dead on the road and need help, she can take it.

American tourists and missionaries keep coming over and being confused by how people do things in Ethiopia, and she's all "whatevs".

She stares her own parents down and makes them let her stay while they send the other kids off to get away from a bunch of sick refugees, because she wants to help. She glares down cynics to shut them up because she has hope. You cannot defeat this kid in a standoff.

She ships her neighbours.

Over the course of her story, she learns a lot about the real scope of the world and it just gives you feels. I know this is calculated to some degree because come on, these dolls are affiliated with World Vision, but if I didn't like calculated moves to give you feels, I wouldn't be a Key fangirl, now would I? But come on.

"I realize that the history taught in my school is not just events and dates; behind these are the stories of people hurting and dying, sometimes without a good reason."

This is why I love her.

And all of the above. Because this kid is awesome.

Long story short, guess who I now have.


I like this box. It's set up for display.

Booklet inside. It might not be bilingual if you get yours in a different country. This is just how we roll in Canada.


Inside of the box.

I really cannot take pictures. I assure you that she is much cuter in person.

But she's pretty cute. 14", rooted hair, fully plastic body, if any of you guys care about doll specs.

Looking out the window.

So yeah, there's my fangirling.

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