friendshipbeam: ([hs] because ilu)
Jisu ([personal profile] friendshipbeam) wrote 2012-01-02 05:07 pm (UTC)

Yes, all my games are multifandoms. I'm in DramaDramaDuck (in which characters are connected to the interdimensional internet and get to contact one another... this also has the side effect of seeing one another's internet, including finding spoilers of their series, seeing things that aren't out yet where they're from, and being brainbroken by badfic and hentai of themselves), Planeocracy (where characters are contracted by an interdimensional peacekeeping force and have to do missions ranging from "stop this guy trying to blow up five worlds" to "find the boss' missing tie". I'm also a mod there!), Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation ╬▒lpha (which isn't moving, so I haven't listed it; it's a SRW-based AU), Imperial Saga (an AU about political intrigue in an empire divided up into kingdoms. Also, there are monsters. Also, there are elements from nearly every represented series ported in just because we can.), and The Velvet Key (a Persona 3-based jamjar).

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