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2012-09-16 04:17 pm
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Rahel Appreciation Post

As you probably know, I like dolls. Lots of dolls. I have Monster High all over my room and American Girl dolls also prominently featured in said room. I've also recently become interested in Hearts for Hearts (if you haven't heard of it, it's probably because these dolls don't seem to have any fandom whatsoever, whereas MH and AG fandoms are pants-on-head scary). In the interest of space in my house, however, I resolved not to try to collect all of them, and maybe just get one...? (The ? is there because I just wanted a single historical, just wanted one or two Basics, and look what happened both times.)

So, naturally, I went to the website and read the diaries to see who I liked the best.

Rahel won by a landslide. Why?

Rahel is freaking hardcore. )
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2012-01-01 09:43 pm
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